The color palette comprises light and soft natural shades to create this airy, bright, and elegant space.

Luxury Bathroom Remodel by Bossage Homes
Luxury Bathroom Remodel by Bossage Homes
Luxury Bathroom Remodel by Bossage Homes
Luxury Bathroom Remodel by Bossage Homes
Luxury Bathroom Remodel by Bossage Homes

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Honed black granite bathroom counter tops above rich wood cabinets anchors this neutral gray and white palette.

Neutral Textural Granite Bathroom Redesign

Black granite bathroom counters, facing black window frame and black picture frame accents add contrast to the neutral design palette.  The tile herringbone pattern and inset shelves add depth and contrast to the elegant stand-alone tub. The contrasting hexagon and herringbone tiles adds textural interest that is simply and perfectly completed with a duet of round, bronze-framed mirrors.

Granite Bathroom Redesign Accents

Individual stately details of brass found across the space in the form of lighting, mirror frames, faucets, knobs, and handles enrich the space further. As a whole, this room is well balanced and softened by the simple addition of a white fabric chair, white towels, and floral vase.

This bathroom belongs to a historical home is situated in the walking district of Venice Beach, California, therefore we were limited in expansion of the home. However, utilizing  the existing footprint, we were able to give this granite bathroom design’s long narrow space a rich, expansive feel through the smart use of color, texture, and interior design.

Luxury bathrooms comes in various shapes and sizes when they are built with thoughtful design, quality materials, and solid craftsmanship. Contact Bossage Homes to learn ways your current bathroom can be luxuriously transformed.

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