Full Service Design-Builds Custom Homes
Custom Design: Architectural Blueprints, Interior Design, Construction Craftsmanship & Finishes

Bossage Homes’ design-build services provide transformative results for residential homes. We utilize the highest-quality materials in innovative and unique ways, ensuring that each home we create perfectly aligns with our clients’ desires and needs.

Custom Home Design-Build

Each home, whether a new construction or renovation, is uniquely designed to enhance the space, layout, design, and flow of your home. Symmetry and balance are key elements, along with practical life needs and personal style. Drawn to the transformational potential of a single residence, our goal is to bring our life’s experience and passion to every home, providing homeowners with the perfect combination of form and function to enjoy.

Full-Service Residential Design, Construction & Restoration

We have over 20 years of experience providing top-quality design-build construction services in Southern California. Our team of skilled craftsmen takes great pride in their work, which includes electrical, plumbing, framing, tile installation, skylight installation, roofing, and more. We maintain the highest standards and quality in the industry and are proud to offer environmentally friendly, green services.

When it comes to new design-build projects, we thoroughly explore the situational advantages of the property. We assess the value of the current structure and determine how it can be enhanced, considering the homeowner’s specific needs. We enjoy collaborating with homeowners throughout the process, ensuring that their lifestyle and requirements are accommodated in the new home design. Their insights, desires, and hopes for their home unfold in unique ways during the design-build process.

We are known for our honesty, reliability, and meticulous attention to detail. Our emphasis is on the planning stage to prevent any execution issues during development. This helps us avoid scope creep and maintain pricing control, ensuring a sound financial approach to your project.

Scheduling a Review: Home Construction / Renovation

Bossage Homes serves various counties across Southern California, including Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and Riverside. We are delighted to meet with you to cater to all your construction and remodeling needs. We appreciate your interest and trust in our services. It would be our honor to discuss your project, understand your vision, and guide you throughout the process. Rest assured, you are in capable hands from start to finish. Our expertise covers all aspects of the design-build, including foundation work, structural framing, plumbing, electrical installations, roofing, landscaping, and interior design. Our passion lies in joining you on a transformative journey toward a well-designed home that embodies beautiful symmetry, balance, and creates a space where you can truly enjoy, relax, recharge, and feel empowered.

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