Development Construction Project Process

Before starting any development project, it’s important to understand the market demand for the type of property you plan to build. We at, Bossage Homes are conducting a deep market research to identify the areas and demand, as well as the preferences of potential buyers or tenants.

Once the market demand is identified, and a property located , our team goes to the first site visit to assess the property’s potential. During our first visit at the property if our intuition is calling and our creativity begins to shine and form a vision we know it’s the right project for us.  Turning a vision of a building into reality is a very exciting process, however it requires a clear understanding of the land zoning, restrictions and guidelines in order to implemented the right design for the new structure.

Planning and Building Permits:

Bossage Home has a team of experts including an experienced architect, engineer, interior designer, and other experts to ensure the vision is realized successfully. Our visions start to come to life when we start drawing the architectural plans and start conversations of layout flow, material combination, exterior and interior color scheme and so on… We are starting to write a new story, we prepare drafts and changing schemes, we negotiate with each other, there is a lot of thought, time, effort and research that goes into this process.

Once we come up with the final design, the final architectural plans are being submitted to the Building Department and other necessary city agencies in the process of obtaining Building permits.

Breaking Ground:

Here we go…. All that paperwork is becoming a reality, Its always so thrilling to see the raw land, like an a new canvas. Even though you are looking at a bare land, for us the building is already constructed, now its time for manifestation.

Each and every step of the construction process is vital and important. Site prep includes not only the demolition but among other things, soil compaction, ground leveling, temporary utilities set up, site drainage, foundation, site security, fencing there is so much to do, coordination and inspections as in anything in life you have to make sure the foundation is solid before you continue to the next stage.


The framing stage is especially exciting as now its visual the structure is forming and your vision is actualizing into a reality. There is a lot of detail work in this stage even though its considered the “rough” stage, this is when attention to details and creativity really comes to play. It requires a lot of skills, experience, and scheduling abilities to synchronize all the trades and create a flow of work while maintaining a budget. This set of skills became our specialty at Bossage Homes and we are proud and honored to share it with you!


Next phase is protecting the structure, applying the correct waterproofing methods from windows and doors installation, flashing, wrapping, hot mopping, cold mopping to coating and sealers; choosing the correct products are essential for a successful project. Finishing this stage with Drywall and Stucco or Siding and preparing for the finishing stage.

Finishing Stage:

Every step of the process is thrilling and enjoyable (that’s if you like this process as much as we do!) however, when the finish materials are starting to flow to the site and you start seeing all the pieces of the puzzle combining into one whole, maneuvering all the moving parts in order to create this one whole is no easy task but for us, it’s our pleasure, it’s what we do, and what we do best.

View an example of this project’s interior by clicking on the image below.